Saturday, March 28, 2009

Am I Crazy?

I am going to be part of my first international Mission trip this summer. It is also the first time that I will do a mission trip with Jeremy. We are going with a team of 10 high school students and 4 adults to Nicaragua to join with Mary Ezzell (her blog is in my blog list) a missionary who our church supports. I love spending time with her!
Those are the exciting parts. What leads me to wonder if I am crazy is.... We are going to Nicaragua where it will reportedly feel like 120 degrees. We will stay with different Nicaraguan families in their homes, eat their food, use their bathrooms. We will both be away from our kids for 7 days. We will be teaching leaders about Bible study methods, ect. We will visit a volcano. We will take a 2 hour bus ride. I don't speak spanish and then all of the unknowns!
I am really excited, just a little anxious! This is really far out of my comfort zone. I know that the Lord will challenge me and I pray that I will handle it with grace. The students who are going are amazing. I look forward to connecting on a much deeper level with them. It has been tough for me the last 5 years to send Jeremy off on mission trips, I have always wanted to be part. The newly engaged Laura and Anderson are the other 2 adults and I always have a blast with them. See? I think it's going to be ok.