Sunday, July 26, 2009

The People I love doing the things we LOVE!

We had a fabulous annual trip to Fripp Island with my mom this year! It was a true vacation. Mom did most of the cooking and cleaning. (Thanks mom!) We played hard, ate well, read lots of books and just enjoyed being together. My little brother and his family joined us for the last few nights and it was great to have the cousins together.
Can't wait until next year!
(**Please note, my sister in law, Tish, would not agree to be photographed)

Kassady, our niece, playing

Harper, Hudson (nephew), & Calahan
We try to do this yearly

Jer, with Harper on shoulders, Chad and Hudson
(Calahan is the splash in the middle)

My Junior golfer
(Fripp has a Wee Tee program that is great!)

At the top of the Hunting Island light house
(Harper is not scared, she has a hard time with pics in the sun, says her eyes hurt a lot)

Kids with Lala

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have had a heavy feeling recently. There is so much "bad" going on in the lives of people whom I love. I only want my friends and family to have "good". I don't want them to deal with the fear, abuse, neglect, depression, pride, addiction, confusion, doubt, sickness, etc. I know this is not the reality of the sinful, broken world we live in. I am thankful that Jesus has provided HOPE so that we can make it through. I am proud to "bear one anther's burdens" (Galatians 6:2) but I am sad. If you feel up to it please ask Jesus to intervene on the behalf of my friends. He'll know who you are talking about.