Monday, August 25, 2008

My and Jer's latest Addiction

Prison Break! We just finished Season 1 and are waiting for Netflix to send Season 2 discs 1-3. We both think Wentworth Miller (center right, light blue shirt), who plays Michael Scoffield, is hot! Yep, Jer does too! :) The character on the far left in this picture is gisgusging (that is how Harper says disgusting) a great actor but again, gisgusging! I cover my eyes and ears whenever he is on the screen. This has replaced our anger towards 24 not being on the air for a year! So if we don't answer the phones in the evenings or say no to hanging out, you now know why!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st Day of 1st Grade

We can hardly believe that we have a son who is old enough to be in 1st Grade! Jeremy and I woke up early this morning to get things ready and to pray for Calahan, his teacher and his year. We decided that after the trauma of sending him last year to K5 that this was a breeze. It really helps that we are excited about his teacher! Mrs. Herlong. She is precious, with one downfall... She likes Clemson as is evident by her classroom decorations. We did not warn her that Calahan will tease her horribly and tell her that "Tarheels are the best"! She will learn quickly, probably in the first 5 minutes of him being there.

He wouldn't hold my hand as I walked him into the school. That was tough for me. On the way I asked him what he was most excited about and he said "lunch". What a boy! I can't wait until 2:30pm when I get to hear all about his first day of first grade!

So Harper and I will be home for a few weeks together until she starts school after Labor Day. She will go 3 mornings a week. Today she is going for a trial class at The Little Gym for ballet, tap and gymnastics. She already had her leotard on at 7:50 this morning. She is so excited! It is going to cost a lot of $ but it is worth it to see her so excited and happy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keevers at Kiawah

Jeremy's parents (Gammie and Gramps) took me, Calahan and Harper and Julie, Ed and Mary Addison to Kiawah for the week. It was hard to be away from Jeremy again. He had just returned from the Peru Parent/Student Mission trip and was heading into the Greenville Mission Trip and teaching the adult service at Grace this past weekend.
We managed to have a little fun with out him. We rode bikes a lot. It was Harper's first time on a Trail-Behind bike. She loved it and did great! Let me tell you though, her pedals do nothing! She can pedal while we are stopped! So basically I pulled another 50lbs around behind me! These are some highlights from the week: watching the alligators from the screened in porch, going to the carnival where the kids and I all did the rock wall, the kids seeing and trying to understand a really tall man on stilts, me reading 2 novels, being with MAE her first time at the beach, and riding bikes with Julie and Ed in the pitch black dark on the bike trail.

Below is one of the precious pictures we took at The Sanctuary and then me and the kids on our bikes.