Monday, August 25, 2008

My and Jer's latest Addiction

Prison Break! We just finished Season 1 and are waiting for Netflix to send Season 2 discs 1-3. We both think Wentworth Miller (center right, light blue shirt), who plays Michael Scoffield, is hot! Yep, Jer does too! :) The character on the far left in this picture is gisgusging (that is how Harper says disgusting) a great actor but again, gisgusging! I cover my eyes and ears whenever he is on the screen. This has replaced our anger towards 24 not being on the air for a year! So if we don't answer the phones in the evenings or say no to hanging out, you now know why!


beast's bits said...

from what i have read, wentworth miller would find jeremy more attractive than you--if you know what i mean!
kelley smith

Jones Family said...

We LOVE PB also and are excited for the new season. It's one of the few shows we watch together. I hate addictions to TV shows!!