Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hairstyles and school

On Calahan's football team there are several boys who have "mohogs", but Isaiah got a hair cut, he just got his "mohog" cut off. Harper's friend Malachi just got a "mohog" on his head.
Harper also told me today after school "Mom, Sinia E. got a HAAAAAIR DOOOO". You really needed to hear her say it. I lauged, hard.
I love to hear about their days at school and the friends they are playing with. I have spent some time the last couple of weeks in Harper's 5K class. I really don't understand how the teachers get anything done. I had forgotten how funny that age is. They really say whatever, whenever things pop in their heads. Harper's BFF since day 1 of school is Sarah. She is coming over for the first time Saturday to play. Her parents are TarHeel fans. I think she may be a keeper. Calahan is happy with all the boy's in his class. He talks about Isaiah the most, they have football and class together. Big news! They got to play tackle football at recess yesterday. He came home very dirty!