Sunday, November 1, 2009

Future Men

Our church hosted an event called Future Men. It was a seminar for parents, leaders or whoever has a role working with boys. It was great! To hear the podcast click the following link:
Calahan was in the promo video (seen below) for the event.

We were taught about 3 different stages for future men.
Stage 1: Authority, ages birth- 9. This stage is about giving direction. We need to teach our sons to obey authority all the way, right away and with a happy heart.
Stage 2: Responsibility, ages 10-13. Giving our sons responsibility like washing dishes or cutting the grass. Moms are supposed to stay out of the way and not help or fix it. They are to own it. Our sons need guidance and responsibility in this stage.
Stage 3: Partnership, ages 14 and up. Asking your son what he thinks about things. Giving him room to make choices and suffer the natural consequences. Partnering in his life while our sons are owning the mission.
There was so much more we learned. Let the above encourage you to listen to the entire seminar!

Lastly, our good friend Philly put together a hilarious video that was shown at the opening of the seminar (see below)! Props Philly!

Sarcasm and Sons from Joseph Osborn on Vimeo.

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