Monday, December 27, 2010

Peruvian Adoption Final Answer

This is the latest on our adoption from Peru. Our precious twin boys who we have prayed for for 4.5 years have been adopted. Below is the email we just received.

The kids were placed with a Peruvian couple in their mid 50's!!!!! A Catholic couple who have no children and only got aproved to adopt in November. I can not tell you how much this has broken our hearts, but even with all the visits and recommendations we gave there was nothing we could do. We have cared forand invested in those boys since birth. We did not even have warning. They did not even have to do the regular process and stay with the boys last week like everyone else. I am very discouraged over this as iknow you are too. I know that your hearts were to adopt these boys.
I can only tell you that the other day I got share Christ and to lead them and two social workers to Christ! I also explained to the couple that during the next two weeks while they are going through the adoption process (before it is final) that if they do not want to keep them they can be adopted to a Christian family in the states. They said that they would keep this in mind.
I did have you on my heart to call you tonight, so I am glad you wrote.
Again, all of our hearts are aching in this situation, but it is in the Lord's hands.

We don't really have any solid emotions. Just extreme sadness and confusion over the last 4.5 years. The death of a dream. The loss of thousands of dollars. The fear that we did something wrong. Mad at the injustice of it all. The last 13 weeks we have been fostering 2 children. This has brought to surface a reality check on what adopting 2 spanish speaking 5 year olds would have been like. What having 2 more children in our family looks like. The "real life" struggle to parent 4 kids. We still wanted to have the twins!
Please pray (like you have been so faithful to do the last 4.5 years) that we will trust the Lord. That we will trust Him for the money, heart break, injustice.



Amy Dalon said...

Hi Kelly,
I've followed your adoption process through your blog, and through word of mouth from others at Grace, and I'm so sad to read this outcome. I'll be lifting you and your family up in prayer. This is the second situation I've come across this week where in my heart I know that God is sovereign and in control of ALL things, but where I also want to question "why?"
Hang in there.

Praying for you,
Amy Dalon

Joey Espinosa said...

Ugh. That really sucks. Can I say that?

sara said...

I am so sorry, Kelly! I am praying for you and for the twins now.

Garrett and Allison Reed said...

Oh Kelly my heart is so sad for your family. I am definitely praying for you all and for those sweet boys. I love you guys so much!