Monday, July 21, 2008

"Snort- HOLES" and the likes

After one of our trips to the pool this summer, (thanks to the Espinosas, Fowlers, Osborns, Jacobs, and Nelsons) Calahan requested that we go and get him a snort-hole. Took me a minute then I realized what he wanted.
This brings up another point. Please do not correct our children when they use incorrect words! We, or maybe I should say I, think it is precious and it makes my heart so happy! They will learn the correct words when they start school and are teased!!!! (Just kidding grandparents, we'll tell them before then!)


Tish said...

Snort-holes, roberts, and beards are cool! So much cooler than snorklers, robbers, and beer! HA

Julie said...

I have to agree! I can't stand the thought of Mary Addison actually saying "Milk" instead of "Mik". Ed said yesterday, "I hope Mary Addison goes through the 'Wha Wha Wha Whatcha' Doin' phase that Harpie C went through. It was the most adorable thing ever!"