Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have been with out my precious husband and children for the past 3 days. It has been an amazing time of renewal on several levels. Most important, my relationship with Jesus has been real and refreshed. I have had time to sit and think, to pray and just worship. I am thankful that many circumstances have drawn me closer to Him in the last few days and that I have been able to rest in his grace. One of my friends dad's had serious surgery today and being able to spend the weekend talking, hiking and praying with/ for her and her family has been so special. Praying for your family has helped renew my relationship with the Lord.
I had lunch Monday with a friend whose family has been walking a long, tough road with us for the last couple of years and who I adore being around. It is wonderful to have someone on the road with Jer and I who knows and understands completely when no one else does. Thank you friend, your understanding renews me.
I had a fun supper with some girls last night (shout out Mary Beth, Julia, Ashley B, Elizabeth, Lindsay and Mollie) at PF Changs where we just laughed a lot and enjoyed being together. Laughter and friendship is so renewing.
There has been a continual situation for about a year now that I can not seem to get a grasp on mentally or emotionally. I think that it is under control and then something flares up again. I have felt God today just holding me and comforting me emotionally and mentally. What it boils down to is that God is enough, all I need and the cares of the world are nothing! Thank you Jesus for dying for me so that one day my sinful, nasty self will be completely renewed with a glorified self! There is nothing I could do to deserve or earn that. I look forward to that day.....

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