Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween '08

So fun! Such great family memories!
Harper had asked to be Princess Leia. I thought she was confused, thinking it was a Disney Princess. We are not a Star Wars family and she has never seen the movie. After showing her online what Princess Leia looked like she said "Yep, that's who I want to be!" Seeing that the costumes were $30 we bought a twin sheet and Jer's grandmother made it into PL's gown. Harp had the perfect hair to braid and twist into buns! She was cute! Calahan then decided he wanted to be "Dark Vader". He bought his costume with his own money, he was so proud.
This was the first time we have been in a neighborhood for Halloween. The kids were ready and standing outside at 5:30pm. No one else was out, so at 6:15 we decided to be the first. We had practiced saying "Happy Halloween, Trick-or-treat" and being thankful for whatever candy was dropped in their pumpkins. We also practiced not saying "I don't like this, or could I have that instead?" Jer took them around with one of our neighbors and his daughter. They really had the most fun handing out candy from our door to all of our treaters!
A week before Halloween Jer, who is always in charge of cleaning out the pumpkins, got all his tools and headed to the garage with the kids. They decided on the Jack-o-lanterns face and Jer traced Calahan's foot for the other pumpkin. They both turned out great!

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Julie said...

Too cute! Nanny did a great job! I am glad they had fun!