Saturday, October 25, 2008

Date Night Suggestion

Jeremy and I had a much needed night out last night. In our effort to be cheap we ate at Moe's with a coupon and only spend $7.59. Then we went to the mall and walked around, people watching. We went to Starbucks and spent more on 2 drinks than we had on our Moe's meal. Oh well, still a date for under $20!
This is where the suggestion comes in: Then we went to Costco to look around. It's one of our favorite stores. We ran into a friend who told us they had the scooter coolers out to test drive. It was a blast! There were 2 scooter coolers so we drove around Costco for about 15 minutes. We had an employee be our line judge and we did a little race, we tried to tip them doing fast turns, and just laughed our heads off! They go really fast for a little scooter cooler! Enjoy! (You can borrow our card to get in if you want! Oh, and if you want to buy one they cost $359!)


Chris and Emily said...

love it!! When Jer called Chris last night I totally had this image of you two racing around the store - so glad you were actually doing just that!!!

Julie said...

I guess buying the cooler would ruin the whole budget date, huh?

Greta said...

That's funny! Great idea!