Monday, October 13, 2008

Redeeming Words

It's my month to take our "neighbor girl" and Calahan to school. As we were backing out of the driveway Jeremy is pretending to push our car. The kids and I laugh and
neighbor girl says: "no one can really push a car"
Calahan says: "God can"
neighbor girl says: "How can God do that if He is up in heaven"
Calahan says: "God is everywhere"

He is learning!

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tish said...

oh yea, well does Calahan know that Jesus lives in your tummy? Tell him to ask Hudson :) I guess someone told him Jesus lives in your heart and Hudson seems to think your heart is in your tummy, so now it's turned into Jesus lives in your tummy :) Next he'll be asking if you can accidentally poop Jesus out LOL oops.....