Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waste of $

This morning on the way to church the 4 of us had a conversation that went like this:

Harper: "I brought some money to give to Jesus!"
Jeremy: "That's great Harper!"
Calahan: "I don't want to waste my money!"
Me: bust out laughing

So of course with a theologian for a dad, Jeremy begins to expound on whose $ it is to begin with and why it is not a "waste" to give back to God what is already His. It was a interesting conversation, I pray we made some progress in Calahan's little heart.... Time will tell.


Julie said...

Out of the mouths of babes! And praise God He lets us do this "parenting" thing as a couple. There has to be one of us who can laugh uncontrolably at comments like that while the other one is the voice of reason!

beast's bits said...

haha! such a little miser!

sara said...

I love it! The best part is that you cracked up. I would too. Love ya, friend!