Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joining a Gym, the Budget and a Marriage Retreat

So Jer and I have joined a gym. We both feel like it is very important for the both of us to exercise on a regular basis so that we can ward off all the health problems that have been passed on to us! :)
Joining the gym has forced us to take a closer look at our budget. Today was the day. It went as good as it can when a married couple looks at their budget closely. Let's just say that nothing was broken or smashed and we did a fabulous job of keeping our voices at a normal speaking level. The outcome: We are going to be keeping things pretty tight around the Keever household for awhile. So I am begging you, don't tempt us by asking us to do fun things that cost money. Any money that is!
We are going to a Marriage Retreat this week (maybe the budget conversation should have been put on hold until after). In January we are going to celebrate 10 years of marriage and this will be our 2nd Marriage Retreat. The 1st was 5 years ago when we were pregnant with Harper Charis. I think that we learned a lot, I really don't remember. I don't have a very good memory anymore, which is super annoying. I attribute it to birthing 2 kids and trying to adopt 2 more! Anyway, we are super excited to get away and focus on us!
Thanks to Jeremy's parents for sending us and to my mom for coming to G'vegas to keep the kids!
(Ash~ does this sound more "real" :)?)


beast's bits said...

ah, budgeting, how fun. i just got the shopping smack-down talk the other day. this economy is ticking me off...i could probably deal with no gas but, no clothes???? (kidding.) (kind of.)

Mary Beth Spann said...

I'm just glad you went ahead and joined the gym before the budgeting conversation. Tread and Shed, here we come!

Ashley said...

More real, what is real anyway? I like the horse's answer in the Velveteen Rabbit, and you Kelly are definitely loved to pieces!

Julie said...

Wish the budget was a problem for the gym...I just don't trust any of the gym workers to keep my kid! Not to mention I am on the pregnancy fitness plan--never workout and eat whatever you want.!