Friday, September 19, 2008

Never Have I Ever

This is from a game we play. One person says something that they have never done and anyone who has done it has to stand up and try and find a new seat. Fun game to get to know people. I thought I would tell you some Never Have I Evers about me:
  • Never been to Europe
  • Never liked Star Wars
  • Never gotten a tattoo
  • Never driven a 15 passenger van
  • Never liked raw fish
  • Never had my belly button pierced
  • Never liked the Clemson Tigers
  • Never liked Nancy Drew books
  • Never been bungee jumping
  • Never watched Night Rider
  • Never been fluent in a foreign language
  • Never thought stirrup pants were a good idea
  • Never liked the Jonas Brothers
  • Never been good at skate boarding

Feel free to add some of your own or some that you think about me!


beast's bits said...

i'm a slacker mom/blogger. i just saw your comment on canon's blog. he's at first pres. we (and he) are loving it!

sara said...

Okay, you have so many nevers that are not on my list. Stirrup pants is probably the worst on my list!

Erin said...

Hi - thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! We have thought a little about the Peru program with CAS (it's full right now, though). Could you e-mail me sometime and I can ask just a few questions?

Jen said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog... you offer lots of great insight and things to think about. You have a precious family. Hope you Keevers are doing well. :)

Julie said...

Never bought an onion or canteloupe until this year!