Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gift

Sunday Jeremy received a message on facebook from a friend in Peru. In broken english this is what it said:
"hello bro only for tell you that today i plaing with
Christian and Anthony
and i ask who is your father?? and he answer Jermey...
GOD Bless you"

It is a common question for people at the orphanage to ask the children "who is your father?" they are looking for the response "God". We didn't even know that the boys knew Jeremy's name. As stated in a previous post, this is a prayer for them, that God will prepare them supernaturally to be aware of our family and to be ready for us.
I was telling a friend at church and she said "Thank you God for an early Christmas gift for the Keevers". Our sentiments exactly!

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Julie said...

Woah!!! That is incredible!!! Tears are flowing! I need to prepare myself with Kleenex before I read your blog from now on!