Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Words from the mouths of our kids

*Calahan has been told the difference in "beard" and "beer". I was not too happy. He was calling them both "beard". He still says "remoke" for "remote" though!
*Last night at dinner we were having a family discussion about money that we could use to help people in need. Jeremy was explaining what that meant and Harper said to him "can we skip this part?" Hilarious.
*This morning Harper asked for a vitamin. I told her "Just a minute" and she told me to "hurry up." She then started to make cards (one of her favorite pastimes, usually for her bday party) and I called to her "come get your vitamins" she came and told me "you are wasting my time!"
OH MY!!!! What to do about her?


Me said...

Ha ha!! Well at our house we put the trash in the "crashcan" I guess bc it makes a crashing noise when it hits the bottom....we say please and "stankyou"...and I'm sure there are many more I'm not thinking of right now LOL Too funny!!!

Natalie said...

Too funny. I've been meaning to tell you that Adri has been telling us since Sunday that, "Harper say I a cute wittle girrrrl." HA!

Julie said...

Just think of all the laughter she brings to so many people!The world would be a boring place without our Harper Charis!

sara said...

That was classic! Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Ha, ha! She sounds a lot like someone else I know! At least we know where she gets it.