Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hell Week (is it considered a bad word in this setting?)

It is high school graduation week and Calahan's last week of First Grade. When you work with students graduation week is ummm.... busy. We had 3 graduations to attend in less than 24 hours. We also have been invited to 8 graduation parties. Calahan had Awards Day on Tuesday, 1st Grade fun day on Wednesday and his last day of First Grade today. He won 3 awards on Monday. One for Accelerated Reading. He explained that he read books and took tests on the computer and if you got a certain grade you got a trophy. He also won the PE award for his class, yes perfect for him. The PE coach described the award as going to the student with the best sportsmanship. Jeremy and I looked at each other and busted out laughing. If you know us well, you understand why. Finally Calahan received the Good Citizenship award. This was awarded to one student per class who demonstrated kindness and leadership. I was so proud. I did get a little prideful. Wondered why he didn't get the Art Award or Music Award... oh well, can't win it all! :)
Harper and I helped with First Grade Fun Day. It really was fun! The teachers had several stations set up outside and I manned the color on plastic visors with sharpies station. Harper was allowed to go to each station with Calahan. It was precious to see how he involved her amongst all his friends!
When Harper and I got home I found her in the playroom laying down with pink baby. I asked her "are you tired"? She started crying and says "no, I just really want our baby brothers to come home!" It was one of the most sincere, heartfelt moments we have shared. I pulled her into my lap and we prayed and asked the Lord to allow them to come home to live with us. I cried as we asked the Lord most importantly to allow the brothers to know Him so that if they are not able to live with us now that one day we would all be together in Heaven. It took us several minutes to recover. It was amazing. I know that God IS love and that the love our family has for our 2 Peruvian brothers is only from Him. I pray that He will answer our prayers and if the answer for our hearts desire is "No" that He will change our hearts desire to line up with His will. Please pray with us!


Jones Family said...

Loved reading your updates! Got a little misty myself at the end. Praying for the boys....

Julie said...

Ok! So I haven't read your blog in forever and I chose today after just seeing pictures of the brothers and spending the past hour thinking about, praying about, blogging about and
crying over them.