Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Snow" Day's are not fun

A few thoughts about Greenville County "Snow" Days (ie a Rant)

- It is not fun to get 4 kids ready and at the door to leave for school and then your husband comes down and says "Did you check the news, Bill says the roads are bad". Crap. Yep there it is, fresh off the press, Greenville County Schools CLOSED!
- Public Schools being part of a county is bad for us a handful of times a year. The northern part of our county borders NC and yes, their roads are probably bad, they may even have snow. Us, we get rain and no school.
- I don't do well with last minute major change of plans. 4 kids inside all day when I had an agenda to accomplish that did not include them. ugh.
- Why do we call them "snow" days when we have wet streets? The term really excites my children, for no reason.
- We are about to have 2 weeks home with our precious children, why start early?
- Harper misses out on her Polar Express pajama day at school. I had spend $1 for her class hot chocolate cups, now my money is wasted.
-My friends need to get on the same page as me (Julia, Molly). We all need to have bad attitudes and heard hearts so we can whine and complain endlessly together. I don't appreciate Christ like friends on unexpected "snow" days.
- Jeremy still has to go to work on the treacherous "snow" day.

Wait, as I type my rant my children are all playing together wonderfully! No one is fighting, crying, or being ugly. We could make the cookies I have been wanting to make together. We could go and visit a friend. We are safe and warm inside our house. We could watch some of the Christmas movies that I have DVR'd. I can still get my tea from McD's. We could do a family Polar Express pajama day on blankets by the Christmas tree. My husband has a job. My kids are all healthy. I have fabulous friends who challenge me in my walk with the Lord. I am blessed. I am sorry Lord for my bad attitude.

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Molly said...

love you :)

you can be encouraging to me when I call you in a few days with my next rant.