Monday, August 24, 2009


Calahan started 2nd grade on Wednesday, August 19th. His teacher is Mrs. Benham. There were several girls from his class last year but no boys. Thankfully one of his football teammates was also in the class. I cried leaving him. He has done great! Loves the class, reports that Mrs. Benham is very kind, gets to play football at recess, and is making new friends.

Harper started K-5 on Thursday, August 20th. Her teacher is Mrs. Winetroub and Mrs. Newell is the assistant. She was super excited and went right in doing as the teacher instructed her to put up her lunch box and take a seat on the rug. It was precious picking them up. They both skipped out to the van with big smiles on their faces. I didn't cry until the next day with her. She wanted to go in from the carpool line. She just looked so big.

Calahan also had his first football Jamboree. Jeremy was out of town so my dad (Papa Lumpy) came and went with me while Katy kept Harper at home. The Greenville Gladiators were the best uniformed team there! It was hot but the boys played 3 teams, 2 quarters each. The vote is still out to determine what I think of my 7 year old playing full contact football, but Calahan loved it. I could tell he was timid and not aggressive at all, which made me happy. We'll see as the season progresses.
Could he look any cuter though?


Garrett said...

I cannot believe how big they are!!!! You have two precious kids! I hope you guys are doing well...the Reeds miss you!!!!

rmburns said...

Last night while Calahan was standing on the deck with me while I grilled the burgers. I asked him what his favorite part of playing football was. His answer was "knocking people on their butts."

Not sure that non-aggressive playing is going to be sticking around for too long.