Sunday, August 30, 2009

Modesty! Come on women!

The Lord has been opening my eyes to the lack of modesty in the Christian culture. He has shown me why modesty is crucial and what it does to our "brothers" in Christ when they have to be around women who are not clothed modestly.

I don't expect women who don't love Jesus to be in agreement or have the conviction to dress appropriately but I am stunned when women who claim to love Jesus dress immodestly!

I am working on my heart to make sure that I am not judgmental, bitter and mad at women who don't cover up. I am also working on my heart to determine why I dress the way I do.

I am married to a man and covet his attention to be focused on me and not all the other women at church who have lots of skin showing, dresses or shirts that are strapless, shirts which plunge way to low, skirts/shorts that cover barely bottoms and/or all the bras that show when you bend down or when you have on a shirt that doesn't cover the straps. I have a son who like all men is visual. I want to protect him from certain images and it is really sad that at church I am not able to do that.

So please women, look at the link below and take time to examine your heart and then make some changes in your wardrobe!

For great articles to further challenge you click the Girl Talk link in my blogroll and then click their Modesty link.

Thanks for your time and assistance.


Kelley Smith Style said...

and then they can all give ME a call and i'll help them toss out all of their non-modest clothes and help them shop for some MODEST ones!

Kelley Smith Style said...

hey. me again. can i please have permission to post a link to this blog entry on my blog?

Amy Dalon said...

I was greeting a couple of Sundays ago, and saw a few outfits that I thought were a little less than modest, especially for church, but then I thought to myself that maybe I was being judgemental. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that notices, and I'm so glad you posted this!

amwirth1 said...

I am so glad that you said this ! I am the mom of four and consider myself stylish, and modern without being revealing. I have 2 sons and 2 daughters and I think its very important to guard their hearts...they are our treasures. Next time you should blog about men and women who give full frontal hugs at church ! Amen sister.